Does Onkyo Still Make Turntables? Answer Here

Not sure if Onkyo still produces turntables? Uncover the surprising truth and what it means for vinyl enthusiasts.

If you're wondering if Onkyo still spins records, the answer might surprise you.

The question of whether Onkyo is still in the turntable game is a bit like a vinyl record – it has its grooves and nuances.

While the brand has a strong foothold in the audio industry, the status of its turntable production might leave you intrigued.

Let's explore the current landscape and what lies ahead for Onkyo's turntable offerings.

Key Takeaways

  • Onkyo currently does not produce new turntables.
  • Availability of older models is through secondary markets.
  • Discontinuation aligns with digital format trends.
  • Focus shifted to other audio products and home theater systems.

Onkyo's Turntable History

Onkyo's legacy in the turntable industry dates back to its production of the CP-1050 model, a revered piece of audio equipment known for its innovative design and high performance capabilities. One standout feature of the CP-1050 was its precision-engineered tonearm. The tonearm of the CP-1050 was meticulously designed to minimize resonance and tracking error, ensuring that the stylus accurately followed the record grooves. Onkyo took inspiration from various global turntable manufacturers to create a tonearm that offered exceptional stability and tracking ability.

The tonearm of the CP-1050 was a critical component in delivering the high-quality sound that Onkyo turntables were known for. By incorporating advanced materials and engineering techniques, Onkyo was able to achieve a level of performance that rivaled classic models like the Technics SL1200/1210. Enthusiasts and audiophiles appreciated the attention to detail put into the tonearm design of the CP-1050, making it a sought-after turntable for those looking to experience top-notch sound reproduction.

Current Onkyo Turntable Models

In its current lineup, Onkyo offers the CP-1050 turntable model, a standout choice for modern audiophiles seeking top-notch performance. Influenced by Swiss and Scottish turntable manufacturers, the CP-1050 boasts a unique design that sets it apart in the market. This model delivers stability and precision akin to old players like the Technics SL1200/1210, ensuring a high-quality listening experience.

One of the key features that audiophiles appreciate is the instant start and stop functionality of the CP-1050. This capability not only enhances the user experience but also showcases Onkyo's commitment to providing seamless operation. Imported by Mono AS to Norway, the CP-1050 has garnered recommendations within its price range, further solidifying its position as a competitive player in the turntable market.

For those looking to invest in a reliable and technologically advanced turntable, Onkyo's CP-1050 stands as a compelling option that combines innovation with a nod to the classics.

Onkyo Turntable Features

Featuring a precision-engineered tonearm and advanced motor technology, the Onkyo CP-1050 turntable offers audiophiles a superior listening experience with unparalleled stability and performance. The CP-1050 is designed with influences from various reputable turntable manufacturers, ensuring a blend of quality and innovation. Here are some key features to highlight:

  • Unique Tonearm Design: The CP-1050's tonearm resembles that of the classic Technics SL-1210, providing compatibility with Ortofon's headshell mount for versatile cartridge options.
  • Stability and Performance: This turntable rivals iconic models like the Technics SL1200/1210 in terms of stability and performance, ensuring a reliable and high-quality listening experience.
  • Upgrade Potential: Enhance your listening experience by upgrading the pickup on the CP-1050. Upgraded cartridges can significantly boost the sound quality, allowing you to tailor your setup to your preferences and elevate your audio experience.
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Onkyo Turntable Technology

Utilizing advanced direct drive technology, the Onkyo CP-1050 turntable ensures precise rotational speed and minimal distortion for optimal audio playback.

This technology enhances the overall performance of the turntable, providing a stable platform for vinyl enthusiasts.

The CP-1050's tonearm design is reminiscent of high-end models like the Technics SL-1210, offering similar compatibility with popular headshell mounts such as Ortofon.

The tonearm plays a critical role in tracking the record grooves accurately, translating the vinyl's analog signals into high-fidelity audio output with minimal interference.

By incorporating elements inspired by renowned turntable manufacturers from Switzerland, Scotland, and Japan, the CP-1050 achieves a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Despite Onkyo discontinuing its turntable production in 2015, the CP-1050 continues to stand out in its price range as a reliable option for audiophiles seeking a blend of performance and design influenced by industry-leading models.

Onkyo Turntable Availability

Considering Onkyo's current focus on core audio products, new turntables from the brand aren't being manufactured at this time. However, you may still be able to find older Onkyo turntables, such as the CP-1050, in the secondary market or through resellers. These turntables are sought after for their unique designs and solid performance, making them popular among vintage audio enthusiasts. Keep in mind that the availability of Onkyo turntables can vary depending on the region and local market demands.

Key Points to Note:

  • Onkyo doesn't currently produce new turntables due to their focus on core audio products.
  • Older Onkyo turntables like the CP-1050 can be found through secondary markets or resellers.
  • Onkyo turntables, known for their belt drive systems, attract vintage audio enthusiasts for their performance and design.

Onkyo Turntable Performance

Onkyo turntables exhibit exceptional stability and performance, showcasing a design influenced by various renowned manufacturers in the industry. The CP-1050, a notable model, features a direct drive operation akin to classic turntables such as the Technics SL1200/1210, offering instant start and stop functionality.

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The tonearm of the CP-1050 closely resembles that of the SL-1210, providing compatibility with Ortofon's headshell mount for convenient pickup switching. Upgrading the pickup on the Onkyo CP-1050 can significantly enhance its sound quality and overall performance.

The precision engineering of the tonearm ensures accurate tracking of the vinyl grooves, minimizing distortion and delivering a faithful audio reproduction. Onkyo's attention to detail in the design of their turntables results in a reliable and high-performing product that audiophiles and music enthusiasts can appreciate.

The incorporation of features inspired by industry-leading turntable manufacturers further enhances the performance and appeal of Onkyo turntables.

Onkyo Turntable Pricing

Vintage Onkyo turntable pricing varies based on factors such as model, condition, and included accessories, catering to a broad spectrum of buyers seeking both entry-level and high-end options. When considering the purchase of a used Onkyo record player, keep in mind the following:

  • Model Variation: Different Onkyo turntable models have unique features and build qualities that can significantly impact their price range. Higher-end models may command a premium due to advanced technologies or premium materials used in their construction.
  • Condition Assessment: The overall condition of the turntable, including the tonearm, platter, motor, and dust cover, plays a crucial role in determining its value. Well-maintained units with minimal wear and tear typically fetch higher prices.
  • Included Accessories: Accessories such as cartridges, styluses, and additional cables can add value to a vintage Onkyo turntable package. Consider the presence and quality of these accessories when evaluating pricing options in the market.

Careful consideration of these factors will help you make an informed decision when investing in a used Onkyo record player.

Onkyo Turntable Reviews

Pivoting from the discussion on Onkyo turntable pricing, assessing Onkyo turntable reviews unveils insights into the performance and design features that have garnered acclaim among enthusiasts and critics alike. Onkyo's past models, such as the CP-1050, have been commended for their exceptional design and high-quality performance. One notable feature of Onkyo turntables is their direct drive operation, which enhances stability and reduces distortion during playback. The incorporation of a well-designed headshell in Onkyo turntables ensures precise tracking of the vinyl grooves, resulting in a superior listening experience.

The CP-1050 has been favorably compared to popular turntable models like the Rega RP1 and Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit DC, showcasing its competitive edge in the market. Despite Onkyo discontinuing the production of turntables, their previous models continue to be highly sought after due to their reliability and remarkable performance. Enthusiasts appreciate the unique design elements that reflect various cultural influences, making Onkyo turntables a distinctive choice for audiophiles seeking both quality and style.

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Onkyo Turntable Comparison

Comparing Onkyo turntables with other contemporary models reveals distinctive features that set them apart in terms of design and performance. When evaluating Onkyo turntables against competitors like Audio Technica, several key differences emerge:

  • Design Influences: Onkyo's CP-1050 turntable showcased design elements inspired by various renowned turntable manufacturers, creating a unique aesthetic that stands out in the market.
  • Audio Technica Pickup: The CP-1050 came equipped with an Audio Technica pickup, known for its accuracy and reliability in reproducing sound. This choice of pickup brand contributed to the overall performance of the turntable.
  • Upgrade Potential: While the CP-1050 offered excellent stability and performance comparable to classics like the Technics SL1200/1210, enthusiasts could further enhance sound quality by upgrading to premium pickups like the Ortofon 2M Bronze.

These aspects highlight how Onkyo turntables, particularly the CP-1050, provided a blend of innovative design, quality components, and upgrade possibilities, making them competitive choices in the turntable market.

Future of Onkyo Turntables

With Onkyo having ceased the production of new turntables, the focus now shifts towards exploring the implications of this decision on the future of Onkyo turntables within the audio equipment market.

As new Onkyo turntables are no longer being manufactured, the availability of models like the CP-1050 may become limited to existing stock or secondary markets. One crucial aspect for users to consider when maintaining these turntables is to properly balance the tonearm. Correct tonearm balancing is essential for ensuring optimal tracking of the record grooves and preventing undue wear on both the stylus and the vinyl.

While the discontinuation of new turntable production by Onkyo aligns with the industry's movement towards digital formats and streaming services, existing owners can still enjoy their Onkyo turntables with proper care and maintenance. As Onkyo continues to focus on other audio products and home theater systems, the future landscape of Onkyo turntables lies in the hands of enthusiasts who appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of these legacy devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Onkyo Make Turntables?

In the midst of the Vinyl Revival, you may wonder if Onkyo still crafts turntables. Currently, the focus has shifted, and new models are not in production. However, existing beloved Onkyo turntables are cherished by audio enthusiasts.