Denon DP-400 Turntable Review: Modern Looks, Superior Audio

Looking for a top-notch turntable that blends sleek aesthetics with outstanding sound? Look no further than the Denon DP-400 Turntable.

This review will give you an in-depth look at this remarkable piece of audio equipment. Packed with impressive features, such as three different speeds and one-touch controls, the DP-400 ensures smooth and effortless playback.

With support for MM and MC cartridges, as well as a built-in phono equalizer, this turntable delivers optimal sound quality without the need for external amplification.

Get ready to be blown away by the Denon DP-400 Turntable.

Key Takeaways

  • The Denon DP-400 turntable has a sleek and modern appearance, constructed with high-quality materials for durability.
  • It offers exceptional sound quality with precise playback, low distortion, and wide frequency response, providing a dynamic and immersive listening experience.
  • The turntable features semi-automatic operation, a built-in phono preamp, adjustable tracking force and anti-skate control, and speed control for different record types.
  • It offers various connectivity options, including an integrated USB port for digital recording, RCA output for external speakers, Bluetooth compatibility for wireless streaming, and a headphone jack for private listening.

Superior Modern Turntable.

You should definitely consider the Denon DP-400 turntable if you're looking for a superior modern turntable. With its improved performance and sleek design, this turntable offers a top-notch audio experience.

The weighted belt-driven platter ensures smooth and accurate playback at 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm speeds. The one-touch button controls make it easy to operate, and the speed auto sensor ensures precise sound reproduction.

The built-in phono equalizer allows for easy installation and setup, while the curved, horizontal tracking angled tonearm and automatic lift and playback stop add to its functionality.

The elegant design, available in gloss black or gloss white, complements any modern aesthetic.

Overall, the Denon DP-400 provides outstanding performance and a stylish addition to any audio setup.

Contents of the Box

There are various components included in the box of the Denon DP-400 turntable, such as the turntable itself, a dust cover, a pre-mounted cartridge, and other necessary accessories. The unboxing experience is well-designed and organized, ensuring that all the components are securely packaged.

The turntable itself is the centerpiece, featuring a sleek and modern design with options for a gloss black or gloss white finish. The dust cover is low-profile and provides protection for the turntable when not in use.

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The pre-mounted cartridge is a convenient addition, allowing for immediate playback without the need for additional setup. In addition to these main components, the box also includes other necessary accessories such as a power cord, a user manual, and a warranty card.

Overall, the contents of the box provide everything you need to start enjoying your Denon DP-400 turntable right away.

Pros and Cons

The Denon DP-400 turntable has a sleek and modern design, but it also has some drawbacks, such as its higher price point. When considering the pros and cons of this turntable, it's important to analyze its performance.

The DP-400 offers excellent sound quality and preserves records without damaging them. It reduces harmonic distortion and creates an open, enveloping sound stage that's faithful to the original recording. The inclusion of both MM and MC cartridge support adds versatility.

However, the higher price point may be a drawback for some consumers. It's also worth noting that the turntable's performance is comparable to other models in its price range.

Overall, the Denon DP-400 turntable offers superior audio performance, but potential buyers should weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase decision.

Detailed Features

When analyzing the Denon DP-400 turntable, it is crucial to consider its detailed features and how they contribute to its superior audio performance. The DP-400 offers a range of features that enhance its sound quality and provide a user-friendly interface.

Supports multiple speedsAllows for playback of various types of records
Weighted belt-driven platterReduces vibration and ensures stable rotation
One-touch button controlsEasy and convenient operation
Supports MM and MC cartridgesCompatible with a wide range of cartridges
Speed auto sensorEnsures accurate sound reproduction
Built-in phono equalizerEliminates the need for an external preamp
Easy installation and setupHassle-free setup for beginners

These features contribute to the DP-400's superior sound quality and user-friendly interface. Its precise speed control, harmonic distortion reduction, and open sound stage ensure a faithful reproduction of the original recording. The DP-400 also offers easy installation and compatibility with mini components or integrated amps without a phono terminal. Additionally, positive customer reviews highlight the versatility and convenience of the DP-400, with its USB conversion option and low-profile dust cover. Overall, the Denon DP-400 turntable stands out for its modern looks and superior audio performance.

Final Word

So, before you make a decision, take a moment to reflect on the Final Word and consider all the information presented.

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When it comes to the Denon DP-400 turntable, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Sound quality comparison: The Denon DP-400 offers superior audio performance with its accurate sound reproduction, reduced harmonic distortion, and faithful representation of the original recording. Its open, enveloping sound stage creates a truly immersive listening experience.
  2. User friendly interface: With its one-touch button controls and straightforward installation and setup process, the DP-400 is designed to be user-friendly. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy operation and navigation, making it accessible to both novice and experienced users.
  3. Versatility and convenience: The DP-400 not only supports multiple playback speeds and cartridge types, but it also offers the convenience of USB conversion option for digitizing your vinyl collection. Its removable and low-profile dust cover adds to its convenience and ease of use.
  4. Improved design and customer reviews: The DP-400 has received positive customer reviews for its improved design compared to previous models, such as the DP-300f. Customers have praised its precise speed control, high-quality knobs, and integrated tonearm clamp. Additionally, its improved signal-to-noise ratio ensures a cleaner audio output.

Considering these factors, the Denon DP-400 turntable offers a modern look and superior sound quality, making it an excellent choice for any audiophile or vinyl enthusiast.

Concluding Thoughts

In light of all the information presented, it's time to reflect on the Final Word and consider your decision regarding the Denon DP-400 turntable.

When it comes to sound quality, the Denon DP-400 stands out. It preserves records without damaging them and reduces harmonic distortion, resulting in an open and enveloping sound stage that stays faithful to the original recording.

In terms of long-term durability and reliability, the Denon DP-400 has received positive customer reviews. Its strong construction and improved design compared to previous models ensure its longevity.

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Additionally, the ease of installation and setup, as well as the option to upgrade the cartridge, make it a versatile choice. When comparing it with other turntables, the Denon DP-400 excels in its precise speed control, improved signal-to-noise ratio, and high-quality knobs and counterweight.

Overall, the Denon DP-400 offers a modern look and superior audio performance that's worth considering for your turntable decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Denon DP-400 Turntable Be Connected to a Computer for Digital Conversion?

Yes, you can connect the Denon DP-400 turntable to a computer for digital conversion. Follow these steps: 1) Connect the turntable to the computer using a USB cable. 2) Use audio recording software to capture the analog audio and convert it to a digital format.

Is the Denon DP-400 Turntable Compatible With Wireless Speakers or Headphones?

Yes, the Denon DP-400 turntable is compatible with wireless speakers and headphones. It allows you to enjoy your vinyl records without the hassle of cables, providing a convenient and immersive listening experience.

Can the Denon DP-400 Turntable Play Both Vinyl Records and Digital Music Files?

Yes, the Denon DP-400 turntable can play both vinyl records and digital music files. However, when it comes to sound quality comparison, the Denon DP-400 excels in preserving the richness and warmth of vinyl records.

Does the Denon DP-400 Turntable Require Any Additional Accessories for Setup and Operation?

To set up and operate the Denon DP-400 turntable, you don't need any additional accessories. However, you can enhance the audio quality with aftermarket accessories like a better cartridge or a dedicated phono preamp.

Is the Denon DP-400 Turntable Compatible With Different Types of Amplifiers or Audio Systems?

Yes, the Denon DP-400 turntable is compatible with different types of amplifiers and audio systems. It can be easily connected to a mini component or integrated amp without a phono terminal.